Thursday, May 05, 2016

Nevada Assemblywoman defends right to point her firearm at law enforcement officials if they point their gun at her. WTF?

Courtesy of Think Progress:  

Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore (R), who is currently seeking her party’s nomination for an open U.S. House seat, said last week that she believes the right to self defense includes the right to aim your gun anyone who aims a gun at you, even if they are a law enforcement officer. 

“I would never ever point my firearm at anyone, including an officer of the law, unless they pointed their firearm at me,” Fiore explained. But, the assemblywoman continued, “once you point your firearm at me, I’m sorry, then it becomes self-defense. Whether you’re a stranger, a bad guy, or an officer, and you point your gun at me and you’re gonna shoot me and I have to decide whether it’s my life or your life, I choose my life.”

You know I don't think this idiot understands how law enforcement works.

Actually believe it or not Fiore was the person who tried to convince Cliven Bundy and his band of inbred misfits to avoid getting into a firefight with the FBI.

However now it appears that she is all done with being rational and is instead channeling her inner Annie Oakley.

Gee another unhinged politician living in Nevada, how completely unsurprising. 

This was the cover of the Daily News the day after Trump won Indiana and essentially clinched the nomination.

After this win there was no end to the articles coming out declaring doom for the Republican party and indeed the country itself.

Think Progress is convinced that he will doom the economy.

Salon thinks he will doom the Republican party. (In fact after Indiana conservatives came out in droves to say that they were done with the GOP.)

However Slate isn't worried about either of those because they simply don't believe he will ever be President.

Of course not everybody is in panic

Some just sit and wait.

"Don't worry my children our time is coming."

Of course the remedy to this could not be more clear. #ImWithHer.

Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Elizabeth Warren unleashes Twitter hell on Donald Trump.

Oh yeah, like I said Elizabeth Warren is going to be one of Hillary Clinton's most important surrogates.

Of course I would like her to be much, much more, and perhaps I will get my wish. 

We shall see.

Coming out of the gate Hillary leads the Donald by double digits.

Courtesy of CNN: 

As Donald Trump captures the mantle of presumptive Republican nominee, a new poll finds he begins his general election campaign well behind Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. 

The new CNN/ORC Poll, completed ahead of Trump's victory last night, found Clinton leads 54% to 41%, a 13-point edge over the New York businessman, her largest lead since last July. 

Clinton is also more trusted than Trump on many issues voters rank as critically important, with one big exception. By a 50% to 45% margin, voters say Trump would do a better job handling the economy than Clinton would. 

There is literally NO evidence to support the idea that Trump would be better on the economy than Clinton.

After all the man has gone bankrupt multiple times and Republicans are notoriously bad when it comes to dealing with the economy.

On the other hand the name Clinton is synonymous with strong economic growth.

I have no idea how these numbers might change in the run up to the election.

What I do know is that Donald Trump is as unconventional as they come and he will not hesitate to throw literally EVERYTHING he can find at Hillary.

I have seen a lot of ugly in my life, but I have a feeling we are about to experience a whole new level.

However having said that this is what state polls are showing right now.
P.S. By the way some troll earlier said that MSNBC, Five Thirty Eight, and myself were all wrong about Hillary's chances in Indiana.

Five Thirty Eight begs to differ.

As for myself I did not make any predictions beyond the fact that the delegates would be pretty evenly split. Which they were.

John Kasich to finally accept reality and suspend his campaign.

Courtesy of Politico:  

John Kasich is dropping his presidential bid, according to a senior campaign adviser, one day after Donald Trump became the presumptive nominee and Ted Cruz bowed out of the race. 

The Ohio governor had long ago been mathematically eliminated from clinching the GOP nomination outright but had hoped to emerge as a consensus candidate at a contested convention.

Ultimately, Kasich outlasted nearly all of his rivals but can claim to have beaten few of them. He won only one contest — his home state of Ohio — during the primary season, and his final tally of 153 delegates puts him fourth in the race behind Marco Rubio, who dropped out in mid-March. 

I would put this in the "least surprising news of the day" category.

Watch as Ted Cruz, the king of awkward, repeatedly strikes his wife in the face with his elbow.

Now to be fair I don't think that Cruz is hitting his wife on purpose, or that he does not care that he is bashing her senseless with his elbow, I simply think that he is one of those people who is not terribly aware of his surroundings.

Exhibit B.
Or maybe he really does not like women all that much.

Remember THIS was the guy that the Republicans were going to rally around in order to stop Trump. 

Did anybody really think that was going to happen?

Some old lady wants everybody to unite behind Donald Trump now that he has won the nomination. Wait, is that Sarah Palin?

My favorite part of this is her invitation that "smart Democrats" join in supporting Trump.

As if anybody who considered themselves smart would do anything like that.

I imagine that now her Facebook page will be filled with even more pro-Trump propaganda as she positions herself to receive reflected glory from his campaign. (He actually did mention her during his victory speech yesterday.)

She posted this yesterday as well.

Oh yeah this is going to be a long seven months.

The Pentagon is getting a little fed up with the never ending Benghazi witch hunt.

Courtesy of Politico:

Assistant Secretary of Defense Stephen Hedger complained in a letter to the committee on Thursday about its continued demands for information, and implied that the panel is grasping to make assertions based on theory rather than facts. 

“[W]hile I understand your stated intent is to conduct the most comprehensive review of the attack and response, Congress has as much of an obligation as the executive branch to use federal resources and taxpayer dollars effectively and efficiently,” the letter reads. “The Department has spent millions of dollars on Benghazi-specific Congressional compliance, including reviews by four other committees, which have diligently reviewed the military’s response in particular.” 

Hedger also complained that Defense Department interviewees “have been asked repeatedly to speculate or engage in discussing on the record hypotheticals.” 

“This type of questioning poses the risk that your final report may be based on speculation rather than a fact-based analysis of what a military officer did do or could have done given his or her knowledge at the time of the attacks,” he wrote. 

"Yeah I realize you don't know anything factual, but what do you imagine Hillary Clinton MIGHT have been doing while those four brave Americans were being killed by obvious Islamic terrorists, instead of doing her job and protecting them?"

Always a good sign of a non-biased, fact based, totally non-political investigation.

"I'm with her." Former top John McCain aide cannot stomach Donald Trump instead decides to support Hillary Clinton.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Mark Salter, who served as chief of staff to Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and worked as an adviser on both of McCain’s presidential campaigns, says he’ll be supporting Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump this fall. 

Salter, known as one of McCain’s closest confidants, tweeted Tuesday that he’s “with her,” a nod to Clinton’s campaign slogan. 

 The tweet came after Trump cited a National Enquirer story accusing Ted Cruz’s father, Rafael Cruz, of playing a role in John F. Kennedy’s assassination. Cruz’s campaign has dismissed the story as “garbage.”

I would not be at all surprised to learn that John McCain ends up voting or Hillary as well, along with a whole lot of Republicans who simply cannot imagine the stubby fingered vulgarian sitting in the Oval Office.

I am still not going to predict a blowout for Hillary in the general because I don't want Democrats to get cocky, but I will say that if it were to happen I would not be even a little surprised.