Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"No one’s going to pay me to watch him anymore, so fuck that noise." Stephen Colbert finally breaks character and reveals how he REALLY feels about Bill O'Reilly.
Click the image and allow the genius to wash over you.
Is it wrong that I found this so satisfying?

Two more shows and then we lose this amazing show.

Dammit! I said I wouldn't cry.

Sony caves to cyber attacks, pulls "The Interview" from its Christmas release.

Courtesy of Variety:  

With theater chains defecting en masse, Sony Pictures Entertainment has pulled the planned Christmas Day release of “The Interview.” 

In announcing the decision to cancel the holiday debut, Sony hit back at the hackers who threatened movie theaters and moviegoers and who have terrorized the studio and its employees for weeks. 

“Those who attacked us stole our intellectual property, private emails, and sensitive and proprietary material, and sought to destroy our spirit and our morale – all apparently to thwart the release of a movie they did not like,” the statement reads. 

“We are deeply saddened at this brazen effort to suppress the distribution of a movie, and in the process do damage to our company, our employees, and the American public,” it continues. “We stand by our filmmakers and their right to free expression and are extremely disappointed by this outcome.” 

The studio did not say it would never release the picture theatrically. Insiders tell Variety Sony is exploring all options, including offering the picture on premium video-on-demand as a way to recoup at least some of its investment.

You know when I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it sounded stupid.

But after seeing more footage, and hearing about how North Korea was losing its shit, I  put it on my "must see' list.

And now thanks to the fact that North Korea is the Scientology of nation states, essentially willing to destroy anybody who dares to criticize them or point out that they are full of shit, I don't get to.

Fuck North Korea!

You know what? I think in response to this that EVERY movie studio should make a movie where either Kim Jong Un is assassinated or North Korea is obliterated. 

I can see it now.

He could be the villain in the next James Bond movie, "Code Name: Fluffy Toddler."

Mike Myers could make another Austin Powers movies where Fat Bastard challenges Kim Jong Un to a sumo wrestling match and then crushes him into a fine Asian powder. Which they then sell in China as an aphrodisiac.

In the next "A giant comet is hurtling toward earth" movie they determine that it will only hit North Korea and everybody just relaxes and goes back to what they were doing before hearing the news.

And in the next Avengers movie North Korea develops doomsday device and they send Hulk to deal with it. I think we all know what happens then.

After all they can't hack everybody!

And let's face it North Korea is not even a real country, and allowing them, or whoever they may have hired to do this on their behalf, to have any impact on anything that happens in America is just bullshit.

What kind of a message does that send to other countries who hate us, hate our culture, and are jealous of James Franco's talent? It will be open season on America, you just wait and see.

P.S. By the way there are some who are not convinced this hacking of Sony is the work of North Korea. However American intelligence officials say yes it most definitely was.

P.S. Here is the Sony hack timeline.

President Obama restores diplomatic relations with Cuba. Republican heads to explode in 3..2..1 Update!

Courtesy of Reuters: 

The United States will restore diplomatic relations it severed with Cuba more than 50 years ago, a major policy shift ending decades of hostile ties with the communist-ruled island, President Barack Obama said on Wednesday. 

Announcing the end of what he called a "rigid" policy of isolation of Cuba that had been ineffective, Obama said the United States would move toward normal ties and would open an embassy in Cuba. 

Obama discussed the changes with Cuban President Raul Castro on Tuesday in a nearly hour-long telephone call. Castro spoke in Cuba as Obama made his announcement on a policy shift made possible by the release of American Alan Gross, 65, who had been imprisoned in Cuba for five years.

At the end of this article the reporter writes this:

Obama will likely face resistance on this.

Gee, ya think?

Republicans are going to lose their freaking minds over this. Especially since he is doing it on his own, and without working with Congress.

In fact Hillary's 2016 opposition has already expressed his displeasure.

Here is a timeline of US relations with Cuba just to give you an idea as to how big of a deal this will be.

Update: Oh yeah Marco Rubio is throwing quite the hissy fit over this:  

"This entire policy shift announced today is based on an illusion, based on a lie,” Rubio, who is the son of Cuban immigrants, told reporters on Capitol Hill. 

"The White House has conceded everything and gained little." "I’m committed to doing everything I can to unravel as many of these changes as possible," he added. 

"This Congress is not going to lift the embargo," Rubio declared at the end of his news conference.

You know I think Rubio is just pissed that Obama undermined his base with this decision, and is making all of the Republicans look like obstructionists on ending an embargo that has gone on for far too long.

I think he just needs to take a drink of water and calm down.


Jeb Bush is just George W. Bush as seen from a different angle.

Think Progress has gathered together a number of facts about Jebbie that paint his as essentially the keeper of the George W. legacy, and an uber conservative to the core.

Here are a few:  

He doesn’t recognize exceptions to abortion restrictions. When a severely retarded woman was raped and impregnated while in the care of the state, Bush asked a court to appoint a guardian for the fetus in an effort to block her abortion. 

He opposes the expansion of Medicaid in Florida. When current Gov. Rick Scott (R) accepted federal money designated under the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid coverage to more low-income residents, Bush said he had doubts about the program because funding will be phased down after three years. 

He has worked to suppress voting rights. Florida currently has one of the worst restrictions blocking many convicted felons from voting, even after they are released from prison. In 2000, Bush’s administration also misidentified 12,000 eligible voters, more than 40 percent of which were African American, as convicted voters and purged them from the voting rolls. 

He has passed NRA-supported “Stand Your Ground” legislation. In 2005, Bush signed into law the bill which gave Floridians the right to use deadly force when they are in danger in public places, despite opposition from police chiefs in the state’s high crime Miami-Dade and Broward counties. The law famously came into play when George Zimmerman shot and killed unarmed black teenager Trayvon Martin. 

In 1999, he abolished affirmative-action in higher education and state contracting through a unilateral executive order, triggering widespread protests across the state. His other major education reform, a statewide voucher program that directed taxpayer funds to private schools, was declared in violation of the Florida Constitution. 

 On national security, Jeb’s doctrine adheres closely to that of his brother George and he believes the U.S. should not back away from engaging allies and enemies around the world. 

When it comes to climate change, Jeb Bush claims the “not a scientist” defense. He started using that now-ubiquitous line back in 2009, when he also declared that the climate “may not be warming.”

The "New Coke" version of Bush is going to try very hard to reinvent himself as a moderate, and  is going to make distance from both his brother and father when it seems politically necessary to do so.

However Jeb has a record, and it is not one that can be buried under 25,000 e-mails hand picked to put a shine on his reputation.

What I find truly humorous about the idea of Jeb becoming the 2016 GOP candidate is that conservatives have put a lot of stock in an already visible attempt to smear Hillary using Bill Clinton's past sexual peccadilloes against her.

However I am fairly certain that the voters are going to be far less concerned with the husband of one candidate's wandering eye than the brother of the other candidate's past attempts to single-handedly destroy this country.

Al Franken endorses Hillary Clinton in 2016, though at first he did not realize he was doing that.

(Franken's somewhat clumsy endorsement comes at the 7:25 mark, but really the whole interview is worth a listen.)

Courtesy of HuffPo:  

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) endorsed former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president in 2016, even if he didn't realize it at first. 

"I think that Hillary would make a great president. I haven't announced that I am supporting her, but -- does this count? I guess? Maybe this counts," Franken said in an interview with MSNBC on Tuesday. 

When asked if he felt he needed to see other potential candidates before endorsing Clinton, who has yet to declare she's running, Franken said he's ready for her to make a move. 

"I think that I’m ready for Hillary," Franken said. "I think that we've not had someone this experienced, this tough, and she's very, very impressive."

I think that right now Franken is my favorite member of the Senate. 

Mostly because I think we are on the same wavelength most of the time. 

Though arguably he is a tad wittier. 

College conservative group upset that ASU Biology professor compared Creationism to magic.

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

A biology professor at Arizona State University is under attack for an image he showed in class that compared creationism to magic. 

The conservative group Campus Reform, which targets educators it perceives to have a liberal bias, reported last week that professor Christofer Bang showed the image during a PowerPoint presentation in his Biology 100 class. 

The PowerPoint slide, titled “Evolution vs. Creationism,” showed the March of Progress illustration of human evolution next to an image of Jesus Christ shooting lightning out of his fingers to create a human. The image shows Jesus saying, “MAGIC!” 

A student told Campus Reform that the picture was offensive: “Quite a few students in the lecture hall were bothered by the picture, and it didn’t contribute to the lecture besides adding spite.” 

Conservatives at Arizona State University also expressed their displeasure with the professor on Facebook. 

“Liberal scum certainly exists on this campus! While I personally support the drawing on the left, I think it’s wrong and unethical for professors to shame those who believe differently,” one person wrote on the Facebook page for College Republicans at ASU.

Another conservative student complained on Facebook that the Founding Fathers also believed in Creationism, which is a point that is hard to argue against since Charles Darwin did not publish Origin of Species until 1859.  (Yes folks, that's your college tuition money at work.)

You know I recognize that it must be hard for some of these students to come face to face with  undiluted facts for the very first time, and it hurts their little irrational feelings when somebody points out that they have been lied to their entire lives. But really what's the solution?

I mean do you take each of these Christian school educated children into a room with soft light and soothing flute music, have them lie down on a comfy sofa with a cool drink, and THEN tell them that everything they think they know is bullshit and that their parents and teachers were fucking morons?

I mean come on if you suggest that Evolution, which painstakingly lays out exactly how organism evolved into what we see around us today, and choose to replace it with the idea that God made it all happen like this....

....then yes, you believe in magic.

Unless of course one of these little geniuses wants to explain exactly HOW God simply thought things into existence. Because I am fairly certain that the professor would LOVE to hear that hypothesis.

Architect of CIA torture program claims that release of Senate report put his life in danger. Bummer.

Courtesy of TWC Central:  

The "architect" of the CIA's interrogation program, James Mitchell, accused Senate Democrats of putting his life in danger last week when they released a report detailing the program's "brutal" abuses. 

"They issue this report that essentially stirs up all the crazies and all the jihadists. So now we're getting death threats," Mitchell, a retired Air Force psychologist, said during a Monday night Fox News interview. 

"I'm angry about this. They have a foregone conclusion. They put my life in danger. They put the lives of other CIA personnel ... and our families in danger for some sort of morale high ground?" he said. "You can probably tell I'm a little agitated by this. For me, I don't want to die because the Democrats in the Senate don't have the courtesy to ask the CIA to explain what they view as abuses that occurred."

Hang on I'm going to try and gin up a little sympathy.

Nope, don't give a shit.

The Uniform Code of Justice says that military personnel have a duty to disobey unlawful orders.

As a former member of the Air Force this guy should have known that. And as a human being he should have done that.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

President Obama just used a Presidential Memorandum to protect Alaska's Bristol Bay.

Courtesy of Newsweek:  

In a YouTube video released Tuesday evening, President Barack Obama announced a ban on future oil and gas drilling in Bristol Bay, Alaska by way of a Presidential Memorandum. 

Bristol Bay is the most productive wild salmon fishery in the world, and is surrounded by sensitive tundra. Environmental groups and Native Alaskans have been working for years to secure protection for the area. “Bristol Bay has supported Native Americans in the Alaska region for centuries," Obama said in the video announcement. 

"It supports about $2 billion in the commercial fishing industry. It supplies America with 40 percent of its wild-caught seafood." "It is a beautiful natural wonder, and its something that is too precious for us to just be putting out to the highest bidder," Obama said.

Apparently this does not extend to mineral mining so it will not stop the Pebble Mine, though it may not make a difference since the EPA is already on that case.

Well I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that a certain half term governor/failed reality star is certainly going to have a rant about this in the next couple of hours or so.

However I will also say that Obama just made a lot of native Alaskans, commercial fishermen, and nature lovers very, very happy.

Jeb Bush officially throws his hat into the presidential ring for 2016.

Not that this is a surprise, but now there is not longer any remaining doubt.

I actually think that this will do for the Republican field, essentially what having Hillary contemplating a run has done to the Democratic field.

I'm not saying that Scott Walker, Rick Perry, Rand Paul, and Chris Christie will not necessarily run, I am just saying that they will have little chance of beating Jeb. And he will for all intents and purposes draw the majority of media attention.

And let me just add at this point that the Democrats have no choice but to rally behind Hillary at this point. Because like it or not she has the very best chance of beating Bush in the general.

Sarah Palin basks in praise from conservative writers over her fake hunting.

Courtesy of Annie Okey Dokey's Facebook page:  

Do the "scientific" haters not realize that it's considered practically illegal, immoral and fattening NOT to help control predators that decimate the food source these granola-crunching yahoos live on? And by food source, I mean grain fields. 

According to the article: "Sarah Palin will unfortunately not be able to make a dent in the hog population in Texas even if she stayed for the entire year with an unlimited supply of ammo." 

PLEASE, let me try, let me try!

 - Sarah Palin

The article that Palin's ghostwriter refers to is this one from Hot Air which says, among other things, this:

Sarah Palin will unfortunately not be able to make a dent in the hog population in Texas even if she stayed for the entire year with an unlimited supply of ammo. Spare us the sanctimonious sighs and comments about the cruelty of slaughtering God’s creatures. She’s doing everyone a very small favor and somebody will probably get a meal out of the deal. 

For one thing as I pointed out in an earlier post, Palin did not kill that "wild boar."

Most likely the Motor City Mammal Massacring Maniac did it for her.

And the other thing is that this is NOT a wild boar. It is a pet from Nugent's SpiritWild Ranch, where he allows city folk to come and play act as great white hunters.

So the animal that was killed, was a pet that was killed for her, so that she could pose for a picture, to fool the paint chip eaters.

And look it worked!

You know another little tidbit that my source revealed to me is that as far as she knew, and she is positioned to know quite a lot, Sarah Palin has never shot and killed ANYTHING.

She also hated going fishing with Todd, but only did it early in their marriage because he insisted. She then stopped altogether later in the marriage, only returning in 2009 for a day of photo-ops to feed to the press.

Don;t forget, EVERYTHING about Sarah Palin is phony. And I do mean EVERYTHING!

Jon Stewart mocks Dick Cheney for using 9-11 as his definition of torture.
Click image to play video
"Dick Cheney, setting this nation's moral bar at anything incrementally better than the most despicable thing that has ever been done to us."

The fact that Cheney uses 9-11 as his definition of torture is at once incredibly disingenuous but also totally ridiculous.

The people who died on 9-11 were not tortured, they were massacred.

Torture is something inflicted upon you by somebody who expects you to survive long enough to either tell them what they want to know, or to suffer in order to satisfy their sadomasochistic fantasies.

Dying is not part of the torture. Dying is the end to the pain.

What we did was to rectally feed these detainees so that we could continue to enjoy watching them suffer long after we realized that they had no information of any value to surrender to their captors.

THAT is torture in its truest form.

A Follow Up.

So yesterday was fun wasn't it?

Over 700 comments?  Not bad.

Of course a ton of those were written by various trolls trying desperately to suggest that either there was no new information, if there was new information it was never going to have an impact, and, my favorite, we don't know them anyway. ("They're living vibrantly dammit!")

The other criticism, which is nothing new, is that it was not the "smoking gun," the "iceberg," or was not going to "take her down." 

To that I would say, she has already been "taken down." There is really not much further for her to fall.

In fact if you are looking for the incident that really damaged her brand for good, you need look no further than the drunken brawl. Which STILL gets mentioned in all kinds of places on the internet these days, and which inspired people once quite close to her to finally speak out.

So yes there is probably never going to be that one big post that essentially sends her crawling back under a rock. However the steady drip, drip, drip, of new information from new sources, is cumulatively achieving that very goal.

A couple of things to clear up.

Yes there is much more coming from this source. (And others who are currently waiting in the wings.)

Yes what I wrote was based on first hand, eye witness accounts.

Yes my source is well aware that the Palins may come after her, and simply does not care.

And yes she is looking for a book deal if possible, or to tell her story to magazines if the former is off the table.

The desire of my source is to get everything she has seen, or been told, out to the public.

I do not at this time know when the next big post will come. As I said there are things outside of my control which are setting the agenda.

But it, and many others, will come. And hopefully there will be a book, and or magazine articles as well.

Finally if indeed there were some of you who finished the post yesterday somewhat unimpressed that it fine. I can't please everybody.  However I assure you that there was at least one visitor living near a dead lake who read through it with clenched teeth and an overwhelming sense of dread.

Ohio Republican Governor forcing public schools to partner with faith based organizations in order to qualify for tax dollars set aside for mentoring program.

Courtesy of  

Gov. John Kasich's $10 million plan to bring mentors into Ohio's schools for students now has a surprise religious requirement – one that goes beyond what is spelled out in the legislation authorizing it. 

Any school district that wants a piece of that state money must partner with both a church and a business – or a faith-based organization and a non-profit set up by a business to do community service. 

No business and no faith-based partner means no state dollars. 

"You must include a faith-based partner," United Way of Greater Cleveland President Bill Kitson, told potential applicants at an information session the United Way hosted Thursday here in Cleveland. 

Asked why the governor is mixing religion with a state program - items usually required to be kept separate - Kasich spokesman Rob Nichols said: "The governor believes faith-based organizations play an important role in the lives of young people." 

And Kasich's recorded video welcoming the applicants made the importance he places on faith in this effort clear. 

"The Good Lord has a purpose for each and every one of them (students) and you're helping them to find it," Kasich said on the video.

Yes the Governor believes that "faith based organizations play an important role in the lives of young people" and that "the good lord has a purpose for each and every one of them" because he is an Evangelical. And Evangelicals simply cannot accept that others will be offended by the inclusion of religion into a public school that is supposed to serve students of all faiths, or not faiths.

That is why the separation of church and state is so vital. And why people like Governor Kasich refuse to accept that it even exists.

No Regrets.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Dick Cheney gave an unflinching defense of he CIA's post-9/11 torture program on "Meet the Press" on Sunday, dismissing criticisms of the program's forced rectal feedings, waterboarding and a death. 

"It worked. It absolutely did work," said Cheney, a driving force behind the George W. Bush administration's use of harsh tactics in response to the 9/11 attacks. 

The Senate report on the interrogation program details forced rectal feedings that were medically unnecessary. But on Sunday, Cheney said the feedings were done for "medical reasons." The former vice president showed little remorse for the dozens of prisoners who were found to have been wrongfully detained, for the man who died in the program, or for people like Khaled El-Masri -- a German citizen who was shipped off to Afghanistan and sodomized in a case of mistaken identity. 

"I'd do it again in a minute," said Cheney. He also spoke repeatedly of how the program was justified to get the "bastards" who perpetrated the 9/11 attacks.

Video can be found here.

Perhaps one of the most evil men in American history.

If we truly were a just nation this piece of shit would be behind bars awaiting execution.