Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump associate Roger Stone wants to "spank" his accusers "like children."

Courtesy of Raw Story:  

“Neither the president or I have anything to fear from a full and fair investigation of these bogus charges of Russian collusion,” Stone insists. “But now Adam Schiff, having slimed me in public session seems to be backing away from the confrontation. I demand a right to face my accusers. I will deconstruct their lies and spank them like children.” 

The letter goes on to blast Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who he calls a “pretty boy” and a “first term mannequin”, for suggesting that Stone’s Twitter communications with Russian hacker Guccifer 2.0 were evidence of collusion. 

“I am specifically accused of colluding with Guccifer 2.0 in the hacking and release of the DNC documents yet my only communications with him come over a month after Wikileaks had released said documents,” Stone says. “Thus collusion would have been impossible unless I owned a time machine.” 

According to Stone, a Jan. 20 New York Times story about intercepted Russia communications is proof that he has been “unfairly monitored by the deep state.” 

“Quite clearly my telephone conversations with president candidate Trump was bugged and recorded,” Stone charges. “My e-mails and phone conversations with my wife, children, grandchildren, business associates, friends, and hundreds of reporters had been monitored and recorded yet no real meaningful evidence of collusion with the Russian state had been found.”

"Deep state?"

"Spank them like children?"

Oh yeah, this is definitely a Trump supporter alright. 

Donald Trump: "I'm president and you're not."

Trump playing in a truck.
Courtesy of the New York Times:

Presidents usually choose their words carefully, the result of personal discipline and careful vetting by White House staff. President Trump is an exception. 

In an interview with Time magazine, published on Thursday, Mr. Trump veers from topic to topic, praising himself and dismissing his critics in language that sometimes is hard to follow.

Here are some of those excerpts.

On his claim that Obama wiretapped him:

Why do you say that I have to apologize? I’m just quoting the newspaper, just like I quoted the judge the other day, Judge Napolitano. I quoted Judge Napolitano, just like I quoted Bret Baier. I mean Bret Baier mentioned the word wiretap. Now he can now deny it, or whatever he is doing, you know. But I watched Bret Baier, and he used that term. I have a lot of respect for Judge Napolitano, and he said that three sources have told him things that would make me right. I don’t know where he has gone with it since then. But I’m quoting highly respected people from highly respected television networks. 

It does not seem to bother him at all that one of Napolitano's sources later said that the judge misquoted him or that Napolitano lost his job at Fox News over this.

Concerning those "terrorist attacks" in Sweden:

I am talking about Sweden. I’m talking about what Sweden has done to themselves is very sad, that is what I am talking about. That is what I am talking about. You can phrase it any way you want. A day later they had a horrible, horrible riot in Sweden and you saw what happened. I talked about Brussels. I was on the front page of The New York Times for my quote. I said Brussels is not what it used to be, very sad what has happened to Brussels. I was absolutely lambasted. A short time later they had the major attack in Brussels. One year ago today. Exactly one year ago today. And then people said, “You know, Trump was right.” 

So now he is Nostradamus, predicting events BEFORE they happen?

Trump also apparently knows the meaning of life:

I happen to be a person that knows how life works. I said I was going to win the election, I won the election. In fact, I was number one the entire route, in the primaries. From the day I announced, I was number one. And The New York Times and CNN and all of them, they did these polls, which were extremely bad and they turned out to be totally wrong, and my polls showed I was going to win. We thought we were going to win the night of the election.

Actually the reporting I have seen demonstrated that Trump did NOT know he was going to win, and in fact was caught by surprise when he did.

And finally:

I inherited a mess with jobs. Despite the statistics, you know, my statistics are even better, but they are not the real statistics because you have millions of people that can’t get a job, O.K. And I inherited a mess on trade. I mean we have many, you can go up and down the ladder. But that’s the story. Hey look, in the meantime, I guess, I can’t be doing so badly, because I’m president, and you’re not. You know. Say hello to everybody, O.K.? 

"I can't be doing badly, because I'm president and you're not." I don;t even know how to respond to that.

Actually as we know Trump did NOT inherit a mess, he inherited a country that had already been rescued from the LAST unfit president to hold office.

Let's face it folks, the Russians convinced a lot of really stupid people to elect a psychotic toddler.

And now we are stuck with him.

Well, at least for the time being.

Secret Service requests 60 million more dollars to protect Donald Trump and his family.

Courtesy of the Washington Post: 

The U.S. Secret Service requested $60 million in additional funding for the next year, offering the most precise estimate yet of the escalating costs for travel and protection resulting from the unusually complicated lifestyle of the Trump family, according to internal agency documents reviewed by The Washington Post. 

Nearly half of the additional money, $26.8 million, would pay to protect President Trump’s family and private home in New York’s Trump Tower, the documents show, while $33 million would be spent on travel costs incurred by “the president, vice president and other visiting heads of state.” 

The documents, part of the Secret Service’s request for the fiscal 2018 budget, reflect the costly surprise facing Secret Service agents tasked with guarding the president’s large and far-flung family, accommodating their ambitious travel schedules and fortifying the three-floor Manhattan penthouse where first lady Melania Trump and son Barron live. 

Trump has spent most of his weekends since the inauguration at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, and his sons have traveled the world to promote Trump properties with Secret Service agents in tow.

I know what we are all thinking but let's not make any comments which could be misconstrued as threats on this blog.

Having said that I really think this is money that could be better spent elsewhere.

ANYWHERE in fact. 

In what could be the most predictable news ever, it turns out that Donald Trump and his wife NEVER sleep together.

Courtesy of US Magazine: 

“They have separate bedrooms,” says another Trump insider. “They never spend the night together — ever.” (A third source says the couple do sleep in the same room but keep separate beds: “It’s very ‘royal’ of them!”) 

Upset with the former reality star for trapping her in a life she despises, “Melania wants as little to do with Donald as possible,” explains the family source. “She is not interested in Donald, the presidency or anything involving him.” A rep for Melania denies the claims telling Us, "It’s unfortunate that you are going to feature unnamed 'sources' that have provided fictional accounts."

"Fictional accounts." 

Well we might accept that if we did not have eyes of our own.

That is NOT a woman who is excited about the prospect of spending the night in this man's bed.

I think US Magazine has good sources on this.

Trump voters in a nutshell.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer announces plan to filibuster Trump's Supreme Court nominee.

Courtesy of Washington Post: 

Thursday as Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) said he would join with other Democrats in attempting to filibuster the nomination — a move that could complicate his confirmation and lead to a total revamp of how the U.S. Senate conducts its business. 

Since last year’s elections, Democrats have threatened to force Trump’s Supreme Court nominees to clear procedural hurdles requiring at least 60 senators to vote to end debate and proceed to a confirmation vote. Republicans are eager to confirm Gorsuch before an Easter recess next month, but with no Democrat expressing support for Gorsuch, they are threatening to change Senate rules to ensure the judge’s swift confirmation by allowing Supreme Court picks to be confirmed with a simple majority vote. 

On Thursday, Schumer warned that they should focus instead on changing Trump’s nominee. 

“If this nominee cannot earn 60 votes — a bar met by each of President Obama’s nominees, and George Bush’s last two nominees — the answer isn’t to change the rules. It’s to change the nominee,” he said.

It is not clear that Democrats have the votes to block Gorsuch and to keep Republicans from changing the chamber’s way of doing business. But Schumer’s announcement is likely to further politicize an already divided Congress.

Considering what is going on right now with all of these investigations into Trump's ties with Russia I am of the opinion that EVERY nominee that Trump puts forward should be blocked until the investigations are over.

Let's face it every single day we learn of more evidence that this president is compromised by Vladimir Putin and making decisions, including cabinet appointees, that benefit Russia far more than they do America.

I am simply not comfortable with this man putting ANYBODY on the Supreme Court, nor putting his surrogates in positions of power, so long as there is mounting evidence that he is working for the Kremlin.

Essentially I agree with Rep. Ted Lieu of California

“Other than allowing routine governmental functions, there must be a total and complete shutdown of any agenda item being pushed by the Trump Administration. Congress cannot continue regular order and must stop voting on any Trump-backed agenda item until the FBI completes its Trump-Russia collusion investigation.” 


It is time to start our own chant of "Lock him up!"

Trumpcare vote cancelled! Republicans simply do not have the votes.

Courtesy of CNN: 

The House will not vote on the Republican health care bill Thursday, a GOP aide said, further putting efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare in jeopardy. 

The decision came after multiple high-level and tense meetings at the White House and Capitol that failed to broker a compromise. 

House Speaker Paul Ryan abruptly postponed, for a second time, a scheduled press briefing, instead staying behind closed doors to negotiate. 

The conservative House Freedom Caucus, whose members appear to hold the key to any agreement on a final bill, met with President Donald Trump earlier Thursday. The session started with a standing ovation for the President, but there was little obvious progress they could point to, a GOP source said. 

One senior administration official described the meeting with one word: "Intense."

Apparently Trump had been on the phones last night and today desperately trying to convince holdouts to vote on the bill, but in the end it was not enough.
Trump has already stripped the bill down to its bare bones in order to get conservatives on board, making it essentially dead on arrival in the Senate.

Get a load of this courtesy of the New York Times:  

President Trump had agreed to many of the demands that the most conservative House Republicans had made, including ending requirements that health insurance plans provide a basic set of benefits like maternity care, emergency services, mental health and wellness visits.

I bet the bill still covers Viagra though. What do you want to bet?

I have no idea if Ryan and Trump will eventually be able to finally whip up the votes needed to pass this thing in the House, but there is no doubt that whatever pernicious piece of legislation passes muster with rabid Right will never make it through the Senate.

This thing is as dead as Trump's hopes of winning a second term.

Here is Nancy Pelosi schooling Donald Trump and Paul Ryan on how to get a bill passed.
That my friends is an epic burn!

Another Russian critic of Vladimir Putin has been murdered.

Courtesy of the Independent:

A former Russian MP has been shot and killed in the centre of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, in what the Ukrainian president described as an "act of state terrorism" by Russia. 

Denis Voronenkov, who testified to Ukrainian investigators and criticsed Moscow's illegal annexation of Crimea, was shot dead by an unidentified gunman near the entrance of an upscale hotel. 

The attacker also wounded Mr Voronenkov's bodyguard, who fired back and wounded the gunman. 

Both were hospitalized but Ukrainian media cited hospital doctors later in the day as saying the gunman had died. 

This, THIS, is who the FBI now has information that Donald Trump and his associates were colluding with.

And if you do not think that Trump would like to do this same thing to his critics here in America, well then you have not been paying attention.

Sarah Palin pulls article from her website critical of Colin Kaepernick, blames others.

Courtesy of TMZ:

Sarah Palin has removed an article from her website criticizing Colin Kaepernick's $50,000 donation to Meals on Wheels ... and we're told the post is NOT in line with the former governor's beliefs. 

As we previously reported, a story went up on Wednesday morning titled, "SERIOUSLY? Colin Kaepernick Just Pulled ANOTHER Political Stunt." 

The article was NOT written by Palin -- but it was posted on Sarah's official Facebook page with a comment saying, "And he wonders why he can't find a job." 

Now, we're told Sarah did NOT have a personal role in greenlighting the story, posting it on her site or Facebook page, or adding the additional comment. 

One source familiar with the situation tells us, "This is not a view that Governor Palin holds. She has a long history of volunteering for Meals on Wheels and donating to them." 

"This was an opinion by a contributor to and as has since been removed."

First off I have NEVER any evidence of Sarah Palin volunteering to help Meals on Wheels.

Secondly I am really loving the fact that Palin is being called out for having a website that she is not even smart or talented enough to maintain on her own.

Thirdly this post sounds SO MUCH like something Sarah Palin would have okayed that I am having a hard time believing she did not give it her hoofprint of approval.

Personally I think that if she had not been excoriated for this post it would still be up over at

Anybody of a differing opinion?

CNN reports that the FBI does indeed have evidence of collusion between Trump associates and the Russians during the campaign.

Courtesy of CNN: 

The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign, US officials told CNN. 

This is partly what FBI Director James Comey was referring to when he made a bombshell announcement Monday before Congress that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign's ties to Russia, according to one source. 

The FBI is now reviewing that information, which includes human intelligence, travel, business and phone records and accounts of in-person meetings, according to those U.S. officials. The information is raising the suspicions of FBI counterintelligence investigators that the coordination may have taken place, though officials cautioned that the information was not conclusive and that the investigation is ongoing.

In his statement on Monday Comey said the FBI began looking into possible coordination between Trump campaign associates and suspected Russian operatives because the bureau had gathered "a credible allegation of wrongdoing or reasonable basis to believe an American may be acting as an agent of a foreign power."

I am going to go out on a limb here and suggest that this might have been what Rep. Adam Schiff meant when he said this: If this CNN report is accurate this whole thing is about to blow wide open, and I don't see how the Trump presidency survives it.

Google to revamp advertising policies after boycott over ads placed on controversial You Tube videos.

Courtesy of The Guardian: 

Google has promised a wide-ranging overhaul of its advertising policies in response to a growing boycott of the company’s platforms from leading brands and advertisers including the UK government, Marks & Spencer and McDonald’s. 

In a blogpost published on Monday night, Philipp Schindler, the company’s chief business officer, wrote: “We have strict policies that define where Google ads should appear, and in the vast majority of cases, our policies and tools work as intended. But at times we don’t get it right. 

“Recently, we had a number of cases where brands’ ads appeared on content that was not aligned with their values. For this, we deeply apologise.” 

Many of the companies involved in the boycott had discovered that their advertising spend was being used to place banner adverts over YouTube videos from groups such as Britain First, indirectly funding extremists and damaging the prestige of their brands. 

In response, Schindler has promised a three-tier overhaul of Google’s advertising policies, both on YouTube and on the company’s wider ad products.

My favorite part of this article is that it mentions Breitbart specifically as being the source of fake news and racism.

Hopefully with Google and Facebook now taking ownership of their part in disseminating disinformation and hatred we will soon see a dramatic change in the ability of certain sites to spread racism, homophobia, and misogyny.

And wouldn't that be nice?

Conservative Colorado radio host who claimed that only Democrats commit voter fraud has been charged with...all together now....voter fraud.

Courtesy of WaPo:

The 2016 election was just a month away when Steve Curtis, a conservative radio host and former Colorado Republican Party chairman, devoted an entire episode of his morning talk show to the heated topic of voter fraud. 

“It seems to me,” Curtis said in the 42-minute segment, “that virtually every case of voter fraud I can remember in my lifetime was committed by Democrats.” 

On Tuesday, Colorado prosecutors threw a wrench into that already dubious theory, accusing Curtis of voter fraud for allegedly filling out and mailing in his ex-wife’s 2016 ballot for president, Denver’s Fox affiliate reported. 

Curtis, 57, was charged in Weld County District Court with one count of misdemeanor voter fraud and one count of forgery, a Class 5 felony, according to local media. 

The case is the only voter fraud investigation related to the 2016 election that has resulted in criminal charges in the state, the Colorado secretary of state’s office told Denver’s ABC affiliate.

A good rule of thumb when dealing with outspoken conservatives is that whatever terrible thing they are accusing the liberals of doing they themselves are actually doing instead.

It also works with racists and homophobes.