Monday, September 26, 2016

Are you ready for some debating???? (This works best if you hear it in Hank Williams Jr's voice.) Update!

Okay so this is the big one folks.

This debate tonight on MSNBC will give us our first look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump together on a stage, and it could set the tone for the rest of the campaign season.

Most pundits or reporters would offer up their predictions right about here, but honestly I don't really have any.

This entire campaign season has defied convention and expectations at every turn, and I have no reason to think that tonight will be any different.

I will of course be on Twitter throughout the debate, and will be coming back on here to provide updates as well.

I considered participating in a drinking game during the debate, but have been warned it could kill me.

I might have a little wine later after the whole thing is over assuming that I have not rendered myself unconscious by slamming my head on the desk in frustration that nobody is fact checking the Donald.
So in the immortal words of Bette Davis "Fasten your seatbelts. It's going to be a bumpy night."

Yep that just happened.

I think this tweet sums up the debate quite nicely.

John Oliver comparing the scandals of Hillary to Donald Trump's is something you must see before the debate tonight.

My favorite part:

Think of it like this: Ethical failings in a politician are like raisins in a cookie ... They shouldn't be there. They disgust people. But most politicians have at least a few raisins. Hillary arguably has more raisins than average. There's probably 10 of these little fuckers in there … But [Trump] is a fucking raisin monsoon! He is ethically compromised to an almost unprecedented degree. So if you don't like raisins, I get it – they're disgusting. But unfortunately, this November, you're gonna have to swallow 10 or we're all going to be eating this shit for years.

I hate raisins so this was the perfect metaphor.

And that is really it.

Sure Hillary Clinton has done some things which can be interpreted as shady. But when you really examine them, there is really very little or nothing scandalous to be found.

However Donald Trump is so unbelievably corrupt, manipulative,  and full of shit that you become exhausted when reading about his numerous and never ending scandals.

There really is no choice here.

Only one of these people should ever even be considered for a job in politics, especially for the most important political job on the planet.

The Kaepernick effect is now spreading to the military.

Of course this did not exactly fly with the military.

Courtesy of

Intelligence Specialist 2nd Class Janaye Ervin, a reservist on active duty within U.S. Pacific Fleet, is subject to administrative actions, still under review, for refusing to stand for the national anthem while in uniform Sept. 19, Bill Doughty, a spokesman for Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam Public Affairs told

According to activist and New York Daily News reporter Shaun King, who publicized Ervin's case on Twitter along with a petition supporting her, Ervin said she lost her security clearance and was threatened with jail by the Navy in response to her actions.

Okay that takes guts to take a stand like this while in the military and knowing how it might affect your career.

In the world of sports of course the Kaepernick effect is spreading like wildfire despite attempts to punish players and attack their motives.

Personally I am thrilled that people are breaking from the herd and standing up for their beliefs.

As a progressive I feel that the more people stop and ask the hard questions about traditions, religion, and patriotism, the better for all of us in the long run.

We should always think before we do, question before we accept, and learn before we decide.

Sarah Palin pissed off that Washington shooter was not identified as an immigrant, because being an immigrant makes the killings worse?

Courtesy of Anti-Immigrant Barbie's Facebook page:

He's NOT Hispanic, and YES - He Terrorized... Shame On Media 

We share such sadness for lives lost in Washington State. Please offer heartfelt prayers for those impacted forever by Friday's heinous attack. 

In reporting this, once again the media got it wrong - why? It's appalling they made sure to announce the murderer was Hispanic. (Early eyewitness reports suggested the shooter was Hispanic.)  Ironically, my Hispanic family friend and I watched the unfolding coverage that night and both commented that media was terrible in making that racial pronouncement. (She does actually have one Hispanic friend, Juanita Fuller, but I have no idea if they actually watch TV together.) It was glaringly obvious they could NOT know this otherwise unidentified dark-skinned male was Hispanic - in fact he didn't look "exclusively" Hispanic to many of us - so why did media lie? 

As per usual, after capturing this evil man who struck such terror, media THEN feigns caution and holds off as long as possible to reveal the killer's background as a Muslim immigrant. We don't even have to ask "why?". (To make sure they go the facts right? To delay folks like you from jumping on the Muslim terrorism bandwagon? Could be a lot of reasons.)

And where's your apology, media? You give us no reason whatsoever to trust you. It's a good thing there are more of us than there are of you - and we know where to put our trust, faith and reliance for wisdom and strength to victoriously plow through these coming days... Proverbs 3:5-6. (Perfect, a Bible quote about not trusting your critical thinking skills and instead trusting in God. Good choice in this situation.)

- Sarah Palin

Okay so what we know so far is that the shooter, Arcan Cetin, killed four women and a man in with a rifle in a Macy's store at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington.

Right now there is no identified motive, though apparently he did recently break up with a girlfriend who worked at a Macy's store.

Cetin has a history of inappropriately touching women, and he was arrested on assault charges back in 2015.

He posted this about Hillary Clinton, though to my ear it sounds a little sarcastic.

However there is also online evidence that he suggested that President Obama's liberalism was a lot like communism.

Though Cetin came from the predominantly Muslim country of Turkey there is little known about his own religious beliefs, and no evidence as of yet that he was connected to terrorist groups.

Cetin came to this country as a young child and attended public schools in Washington.

So considering the fact that he immigrated to this country many years ago as a child, does not seem connected to any radical Islamic groups, and has no known ties to terrorists, just why does his nationality seem like such a big deal to Sarah Palin that she is demanding an apology from the media for not getting it right?

Oh I think we all know the answer to that question.

Here's what I know.

This is once again a case of a mass shooting by a guy with a gun in America.

Why he did it, where he is from, and what religion he practices, do not change that fundamental fact.

Politico tracks Donald Trump lies for a week. Averages about one lie every 3 minutes 15 seconds.

Courtesy of Politico:

After he lied on Sept. 16 that he was not the person responsible for the birtherism campaign to delegitimize Barack Obama’s presidency, POLITICO chose to spend a week fact-checking Trump. We fact-checked Hillary Clinton over the same time. 

We subjected every statement made by both the Republican and Democratic candidates — in speeches, in interviews and on Twitter — to our magazine’s rigorous fact-checking process. The conclusion is inescapable: Trump’s mishandling of facts and propensity for exaggeration so greatly exceed Clinton’s as to make the comparison almost ludicrous. 

Though few statements match the audacity of his statement about his role in questioning Obama’s citizenship, Trump has built a cottage industry around stretching the truth. According to POLITICO’s five-day analysis, Trump averaged about one falsehood every three minutes and 15 seconds over nearly five hours of remarks. 

In raw numbers, that’s 87 erroneous statements in five days.

87 erroneous comments, ie lies, in five days?

Yes I knew Trump lied, but damn!

Now to be fair Politico did the same kind of analysis with Hillary this last week as well:

In raw numbers, Clinton made eight erroneous statements in five days.

Now Hillary did not do nearly as much talking last week as Trump, and Politico attempts to play the "fair and balanced" card by suggesting that Hillary plays a little loose with the truth as well.

However if you read through some of the "lies" that Hillary supposedly told you get examples like this:

Trump’s “economic plans would ... include an estimated $4 billion tax cut for his own family just by eliminating the estate tax.”

The problem with this is that the Clinton campaign is using the numbers that Trump himself uses for his wealth, 10 billion, instead of the 1.2 or 3 billion that Bloomberg News estimates. Which means she is "lying" because Trump is lying. Or something like that.

However the lies that Trump was caught telling are mostly whoppers, and often have very little in common with actual facts.

No matter how you look at it Donald Trump referring to Hillary Clinton as a liar is laugh out loud funny.

Unless of course people take it seriously, which sadly many actually do.

In a reverse of 2008 this time it's the grandparents trying to get the kids to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Courtesy of Daily Kos:

Remember in 2008 when Sarah Silverman made a video called “The Great Schlep” about visiting your grandparents in Florida to make sure they would vote for Obama? Well, now the tables have turned. 

A group called Bend the Arc Jewish Action has made a video where it’s “bubbes and zaydes who are stepping up to push the younger generation to vote for Hillary Clinton,” according to a story in Advertising Age. 

“Join the Jewish Movement to Defeat Trump,” says the group’s website, which uses the hashtag #WeveSeenThisBefore. In a video, Jewish grandparents promise to “Rise From the Dead and Haunt Their Grandchildren if They Don’t Vote for Hillary Clinton.”

Okay that last part with the sheet really cracked me up.

And all kidding aside this is something that really needs to happen, grandparents and parents explaining to their children just how much is on the line with this election.

I certainly think that this cartoonist has Trump's number.

By the way I will of course have an open thread and live tweeting tonight's debate.

I think this is going to be historic and I would not miss it for the world.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Kellyanne Conway calls Donald Trump "The Babe Ruth of debaters." Well they certainly share the same waistline.

(The entire interview is chock full of obfuscation and blame shifting but the debate comment comes around the 3:34 mark.)

Courtesy of Politico:

On the eve of the first presidential debate, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, described her candidate Sunday as “the Babe Ruth of debating,” a glowing assessment that’s unusual at a time when both camps typically work to rein in expectations. 

“He's a brilliant debater,” Conway said on ABC’s “This Week.” “Newt Gingrich put it best. The former speaker recently said Donald Trump is the best debater he's ever seen. He's like the Babe Ruth of debating. He really shows up and swings and does a great job.”

Too be charitable Babe Ruth was known for eating poorly and drinking alcohol the night before a game and still knocking the ball out of the park with amazing frequency. So perhaps that is what Conway and Gingrich are suggesting, however in his past debate performances Trump hardly knocked anything out of the park.

And according to a recent article Trump's advisers are either losing faith in his ability as a debater, or are setting the media up to underestimate him.

Here is a link, judge for yourself:

Mr. Trump is largely shunning traditional debate preparations, but has been watching video of Mrs. Clinton’s best and worst debate moments, looking for her vulnerabilities … He has paid only cursory attention to briefing materials.

He has refused to use lecterns in mock debate sessions despite the urging of his advisers … He prefers not to do a full-length mock debate, and has no set person playing Mrs. Clinton. He is not using a lectern for mock debate drills, despite suggestions from some on his coaching team that simulating a one-on-one debate is good practice after the primary debates that featured several rivals 

Some Trump advisers are concerned that he underestimates the difficulty of standing still, talking pointedly and listening sharply for 90 minutes. 

He prefers spitballing ideas with his team rather than honing them into crisp, two-minute answers. 

He does not like practicing an answer over and over until it is letter-perfect and appropriately brief. But this weekend’s work will be geared to running through questions while Mr. Trump is on his feet and aware of a countdown timer when he is speaking. 

He believes debates are not won or lost on policy minutiae since most viewers will not remember them in an hour. His advisers see it as a waste of time to try to fill his head with facts and figures … Advisers are urging him to focus on big-picture themes rather than risk mangling facts. 

His instinct in debates is often to attack and insult opponents, which had an upside during the circuslike primary debates but could be grating during a 90-minute one-on-one debate. 

Mr. Trump can get bored with both debate preparations and debates themselves. His advisers have been reinforcing the importance of listening and focusing on every word Mrs. Clinton says and looking for ways to counterattack.

Like I said this could all be mind games designed to lull the Clinton campaign into complacency, however much of what is written here looks exactly like what we have seen in past debate performances.

However I do know that Clinton has taken several days off this last week to prepare, and is aware that she might see a completely different Donald Trump show up then the one we are all used to seeing.

But to think that Hillary is unprepared in any way for this debate, or that attempts to psyche her out by lowing expectations or inviting Gennifer Flowers will work, is to have not been paying any attention for the last twenty five years or so.

Good news folks, Bristol Palin has marriage all figured out now.

Courtesy of Bristol's ghostwritten blog:

My marriage is far from perfect. Dakota and I learn things about each other everyday. Our parents and friends weren’t lying when they warned us that it will be work! I think we both understand that now. 

Nothing has been more difficult, and yet rewarding, than marriage. It reminds me so much of parenting. It’s hard at times, but also the greatest and most precious gift!

Bristol then goes on to offer up some marriage quote pablum that really does not offer anything of any use.

Like this one:

Yeah anybody who thinks that marriage is only about three things has never been married.

Now look I recognize that considering my unfortunate experience with marriage I am the last person to give anybody any advice, however one thing I do know is that after only three months of marriage, you know NOTHING about being married.

And just in case you are wondering why Bristol is working so hard to give the impression that everything in her marriage is going perfectly, it is because the exact opposite appears to be the case.

According to the buzz in Wasilla the honeymoon stage has come to a screeching halt and the fact that they are now stuck with each other has caused more than a little friction between the lovebirds.

And apparently those Gino texts did not help matters much.

However much like Sarah and Todd, Bristol and Dakota are determined not to give any tabloids (Or know it all bloggers) the pleasure of spouting "I told you so's"  so they are working to keep things on the down low in the hopes that everything will work out in the end.

Now before the inevitable trolls slither over here claiming that these are private people and should be left alone, let me remind them that this post is in response to Bristol's post about making a happy marriage.

If she does not want to be ridiculed and called out over her bullshit, then she should resist the urge to give parenting, abstinence, or marriage advice ever again. Because we know better.

Simply put you do not stand in front of your house encased in flames and give your neighbors fire safety tips.

The first African American President opens the Black History Museum. We are living in amazing times.

It appeared to me that the President had to wipe away a tear at one point.

And really who can blame him?

He sometimes must feel that he carries the weight of all of those black leaders who came before him, and that he needs to be the best President possible for all of those who will follow.

I think this just about sums it up.
History is going to be very kind to President Obama. Very kind indeed.

More than half of the country fears a Donald Trump presidency.

Courtesy of the AP:  

More than half the country fears a Trump presidency. And only about a third of Americans believe he is at least somewhat qualified to serve in the White House. 

In the final sprint to Election Day, a new Associated Press-GfK poll underscores those daunting roadblocks for Donald Trump as he tries to overtake Hillary Clinton. 

Moreover, most voters oppose the hard-line approach to immigration that is a centerpiece of the billionaire businessman's campaign. They are more likely to trust Clinton to handle a variety of issues facing the country, and Trump has no advantage on the national security topics also at the forefront of his bid. 

Trump undoubtedly has a passionate base of support, seen clearly among the thousands of backers who fill the stands at his signature rallies. But most people don't share that fervor. Only 29 percent of registered voters would be excited and just 24 percent would be proud should Trump prevail in November. 

Only one in four voters find him even somewhat civil or compassionate, and just a third say he's not at all racist.

Okay so if this is accurate why are Trump's poll numbers so close to Hillary's right now?

I mean even if people don't like Hillary, I seriously doubt that too many of them actually fear having her as President.

This of course just plays into my fantasy of watching Trump faced with an unexpectedly devastating defeat election night, ala Mitt Romney in 2012, and listening while he tries desperately to blame the whole thing on the media and crooked Democrats.

Because when he loses I expect that is exactly what we are going to see.

Angry that one of his critics will show up to debate, Donald Trump threatens to bring Gennifer Flowers.

This of course is in response to news that actual billionaire, and Trump critic, Mark Cuban will be showing up to the debate tomorrow night.

Courtesy of People: 

The famous entrepreneur who has taken up the cause of taking down Donald Trump revealed in a tweet on Friday that he'll be sitting front and center when the two nominees face off for the first time. 

"Just got a front row seat to watch @HillaryClinton overwhelm @realDonaldTrump at the 'Humbling at Hofstra' on Monday," Cuban tweeted. "It Is On !" 

Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks owner and Shark Tank star, was invited by the Clinton campaign to sit in the front row, a Clinton aide confirmed to CNN. "He has the best seat we have access to," the aide said, adding, "He has proven to be singularly effective in making the case against Trump and for Clinton. That is why we invited him." 

This was clearly designed to get under Trump's skin, and guess what, it did.

So Hillary and the Democrats have demonstrated once again how easy it is to get Donald Trump flustered and cause him to do something impulsive and immature.

As for Gennifer Flowers, she's all for it.
However if Donald Trump seriously thinks this will rattle Hillary Clinton, he simply does not know Hillary Clinton.

P.S. By the way according to Mike Pence Flowers will NOT be at the debate. 

You know I usually think that the FBI in Alaska is a little more competent than our police force in Anchorage. May have to rethink that.

Courtesy of the YouTube site: 

This is the FBI Alaska field office SWAT team responding to a domestic disturbance call where the suspect was armed. I know everyone can be a critic after the fact but this is definitely something comedic.

I like how they just leave their weapons leaning on the neighbors garage door while they attempt to enter a home in which they believe an armed  suspect is waiting for them.

I don't know where those folks bought their door, but I need to get me one of those bad boys.

Hillary is really killing it with these ads.

I have to admit that I am really looking forward to the debate tomorrow night.

I think Clinton has prepared an arsenal of information about Trump that his shit spewing will be unable to deflect or dilute.