Saturday, January 20, 2018

Seven months before he had unprotected sex with an adult film star Donald Trump told Howard Stern he would give Melania a week to lose weight after giving birth.

Courtesy of WaPo: 

Seven months before an alleged tryst with porn star Stormy Daniels, Donald Trump told radio host Howard Stern that he would give his pregnant wife, Melania, a couple of days — or maybe a week — to regain her model figure after giving birth. 

“You know, Howard, she’s got the kind of a body and makeup where, about one day after the baby, it’s going to be the same as it was before,” Trump said during an appearance on Stern’s show on Dec. 7, 2005. 

“You’re giving her one day?” Stern asked. 

“One or two,” Trump replied. 

Moments later, the future president reconsidered. “I think I’ll give her a week,” he said. “No, I’ll give her a week.” 

Trump’s remarks drew laughter from Stern’s female co-host, Robin Quivers, and Trump ultimately indicated that his ultimatum to Melania was not entirely serious. 

“If there’s cellulite, will you be man enough to stay in the relationship?” Stern asked at one point. 

“I will,” Trump answered. “I will love her so much. You have no idea. I’m a very loyal person. I will love her so much.”

Yes he was so loyal to Melania that seven months later, and only a few months after she gave birth, he was cheating on her with a porn star.

Yeah, that right there is true love.

Barack Obama has not communicated with Donald Trump since the inauguration. Anybody surprised?

Courtesy of CNN: 

A year since they last met, President Donald Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama haven't spoken, the first time in decades two successive presidents have avoided communicating in the 12 months after handing off power. 

Ties between presidents -- if not always friendly -- are usually at least existent. That Trump and Obama have avoided each other speaks to the unprecedented nature of the current White House, and the lingering animosity between two men who openly sparred during 2016's presidential campaign. 

Trump hasn't shied away from blasting decisions Obama made during his tenure, and has steadily chipped away at key pieces of Obama's legacy like the Paris climate accord and the Affordable Care Act. He's also launched personal attacks, falsely claiming that Obama ordered the phones tapped at Trump Tower or that Obama failed to call family members of slain US servicemen. 

Obama, meanwhile, has reserved his criticism of Trump for policy matters. On the rare occasions he's spoken publicly over the past year, he's made only veiled references to the current Oval Office occupant. 

The last time they spoke, Trump and Obama were standing on the East Front of the US Capitol as an idling military helicopter stood nearby. Moments after Trump was inaugurated, Obama appeared loose and smiling, his post-presidency life about to begin.

Apparently Obama left the traditional note for his successor in the Oval Office, but when Trump tried to reach out to thank him Obama was unavailable, and that was his last attempt.

There is really nothing about this report that should necessarily surprise anyone, because seriously how could Obama engage in a productive manner with the guy who continues to vilify him even a year after the election, and who seems determined to wipe every one of his accomplishments out of the history books.

And by the way I do not think that Obama is the only former president from who Trump feels he does not need to seek advice.

I also doubt very seriously that he has ever reached out to George W. Bush, George H.W. Bush, or Bill Clinton.

In Trump's opinion he does not need to rely on the advice from anyone, because he, and only HE, knows what should be done.

And that boys and girls is how America got all fucked up.

Donald Trump is driving young Republicans away from the GOP.

Courtesy of McClatchy: 

As the Trump presidency hits the one-year mark, the Republican Party confronts a yawning generational gap that has been exacerbated in recent months by Trump’s incendiary comments on race-related issues and the party’s official support for an accused child molester in Alabama’s Senate race. 

Now, as few as a quarter of voters under the age of 30 approve of Trump’s job performance. And among young Republicans, Trump’s approval rating has plummeted 12 percentage points since the spring, according to Harvard’s Institute of Politics poll released last month, down to 66 percent. That’s certainly robust, but well below Trump’s overall GOP approval rating that hovers around 80 percent. 

“In a sentence, they are certainly not doing well,” said John Della Volpe, the polling director at the Institute of Politics. “That would be an understatement.”

Gee, funny that a vulgar, racist, habitual sexual abuser would not connect with today's more enlightened youth now isn't it? 

Every day yet another reason to feel shame that this man is leading our country.

Courtesy of People:  

President Donald Trump flubbed a key word in his address to the March for Life rally on Friday, mistakenly telling anti-abortion protesters that it’s wrong for babies to be “born” in the ninth month of a pregnancy. 

“Right now, a number of state laws allow a baby to be born from his or her mother’s womb in the ninth month. It is wrong. It has to change,” he said. 

As the Daily Beast pointed out, Trump’s prepared remarks showed that he meant to say “torn,” rather than “born,” in a reference to late-term abortion.

Come on, we know that if this HAD NOT been written out for him that he would have made even less sense.

But hey, let us not forget that according to a 10 minute cognitive test Donald Trump is like the smartest president ever!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Let's make this the final word for the day.

Courtesy of CBS News: 

A Senate attempt to move forward with a short-term spending bill vote failed Friday night, sending the government into a shutdown on the one-year anniversary of President Trump's inauguration.

Tomorrow's Trump tweets should be epic. 

Trump lawyer says that his client is "very eager" to speak to Robert Mueller, but expresses concern it might be a "perjury trap."

Courtesy of CBS News:  

President Trump's attorney Ty Cobb says the president is "very eager" to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller for his Russia investigation. In an interview with CBS News' chief White House correspondent Major Garrett on this week's "The Takeout" podcast, Cobb said Mr. Trump wants to put the matter to rest, and he told Garrett there are "active discussions" about a special counsel interview, but no formal request has yet been made. 

It is Cobb's belief that the Mueller investigation will ultimately be immaterial to Mr. Trump and his presidency. Cobb said he expects it to be wrapped up in 4-6 weeks. 

"There's a big difference between a shooting star and a planet," Cobb told Garrett, referring to the big headlines for the legal issues of Papadopoulos, Manafort and Flynn. Cobb said he believes these pleas and indictment will not impact the president. 

"I think it's more than appropriate for the Mueller people to explore anything they're interested in," Cobb said. Cobb said he is focused on "getting the facts out." 

But despite this, he said he considers the investigation to be a drag on the presidency. "It's very difficult for him to do anything other than to fight for his place in history," Cobb said. 

Cobb said if Mueller did interview Mr. Trump, it could be a perjury trap -- that is, a situation in which his story does not match the evidence -- something Cobb said "foolish" was not to consider. But Cobb said he has known Mueller for a long time, and doesn't believe that is his aim.

Interesting term "perjury trap."

Is it a "trap" to ask somebody a question to which they then provide a false answer?

Because the simple solution to that is to not fucking lie to the Special Counsel.

But apparently Cobb realizes that his client cannot be expected to do that, so of course he is worried that he will perjure himself.

And do you know what? He is undoubtedly correct.

Omarosa may have taped conversations inside the Trump White House and now fears being pulled into the Mueller investigation.

Courtesy of the New York Daily News: 

Manigault-Newman has met with Harvey Weinstein’s former attorney Lisa Bloom and former Bill Cosby lawyer Monique Pressley, among others.

It is not immediately clear why the former “Apprentice” star is seeking legal help, but those with knowledge of her unceremonious removal from the White House say she is “very concerned” that trouble is on the horizon. 

The 43-year-old apparently believes she may become a fixture in Mueller’s investigation into possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia’s election meddling.

“Everyone knows Omarosa loves to record people and meetings using the voice notes app on her iPhone,” a source disclosed. “Don’t be surprised if she has secret audio files on everyone in that White House, past and present staffers included.” 

A recent ban on personal cell phones in the West Wing, which followed the release of Michael Wolff’s explosive White House tell-all was related to Manigault-Newman’s track record of recording conversations, the source added. 

The White House of course poo poos the idea that Omarosa may have recorded conversations, but let's face it they deny essentially everything these days.

By the way I actually think my headline is misleading (I wrote it to reflect the reporting from the New York Daily News.), as I am positive that Omarosa would LOVE to be subpoenaed by the Mueller team and get all of that sweet sweet press attention.

As for whether or not she recorded conversations in the White House, I certainly think it is possible, but it is also possible that this was a story that she planted herself in order to drum up interest in her book.

Stormy Daniels once revealed that during her affair with Trump she spanked him with a copy of Forbes magazine on the cover of which featured him with his family.

Courtesy of Mother Jones:

In early 2009, Daniels announced that she was considering challenging Sen. David Vitter, the Louisiana Republican who two years earlier had been snared in a sex scandal. Vitter’s phone number was discovered in the records of the so-called D.C. Madam, who ran a prostitution ring in the nation’s capital. Vitter, who now is a lobbyist, was a prominent social conservative who opposed abortion and gay marriage. Daniels, who grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, told reporters she wanted to highlight his hypocrisy. She offered up a potential campaign slogan: “Stormy Daniels: Screwing people honestly.” 

Daniels was serious enough about running that she embarked on a May 2009 “listening tour” of the state and held discussions with local political consultants. Those conversations included coming up with possible campaign contributors. According to a May 8, 2009, email written by an operative advising Daniels, who asked not to be identified, Daniels at one point scrolled through her cellphone contacts to provide her consultants with a list of names. The email noted that the potential donors included Steve Hirsch, the founder of an adult entertainment company; Theresa Flynt, the daughter of Hustler’s Larry Flynt; Frazier Boyd, the owner of a strip club chain; and Jenna Jameson, the so-called “Queen of Porn.” Also on the list: Donald Trump. 

This email was sent to Andrea Dubé, a Democratic political consultant based in New Orleans. In response, Dubé expressed surprise that Daniels was friendly with Trump. “Donald Trump?” she wrote. “In her cell phone?” 

“Yep,” the other consultant replied. “She says one time he made her sit with him for three hours watching ‘shark week.’ Another time he had her spank him with a Forbes magazine.” 

Dubé and the other consultant confirmed to Mother Jones they exchanged these emails. 

The campaign consultant who wrote the email to Dubé tells Mother Jones that Daniels said the spanking came during a series of sexual and romantic encounters with Trump and that it involved a copy of Forbes with Trump on the cover.

Gee after we finally scrubbed the fact that Trump told Daniels that she reminded him of his daughter before banging her, now we have this to contend with.

There is not enough brain bleach in the world.

We also learned yesterday that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen used an LLC to transfer money to Daniels in order to keep her quiet:

As the Wall Street Journal reported, Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen created Essential Consultants, LLC. on October 17, 2016, and “then used a bank account linked to the entity to send the payment to the client-trust account of a lawyer representing” Daniels, whose given name is Stephanie Clifford. 

To “further mask the identities of the people involved in the agreement,” the payment from Essential Consultants to a “Peggy Peterson,” who the Journal‘s sources say is Clifford/Daniels. 

Delaware, the report noted, is known for housing limited liability companies because the state “doesn’t require companies to publicly disclose the names of their managers.” That October 2016 alone, “Delaware officials recorded 10,574 new limited liability companies.”

And keep in mind that according to Michael Wolff's book, Daniels is just one of hundreds whose silence Trump bought and paid for before the election.

If Russia even knows about a handful there is the kompromat that Christopher Steele wrote about in that infamous dossier.

Rachel Maddow did an incredible job of explaining the bombshells contained in the testimony of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson before the House Intelligence Committee.

Here are a few more highlights from other news outlets.

Courtesy of HuffPo: 

Glenn Simpson, co-founder of the firm behind the infamous dossier on President Donald Trump’s potential connections to Russia, told Congress that he believes the Russian government has “infiltrated” the National Rifle Association. 

“It appears the Russians, you know, infiltrated the NRA,” Fusion GPS co-founder Simpson said while testifying before the House Intelligence Committee on Nov. 14. His testimony was part of a federal investigation into potential links between the Kremlin and Trump’s 2016 campaign associates. 

“And there is more than one explanation for why,” he added. “But I would say, broadly speaking, it appears that the Russian operation was designed to infiltrate conservative organizations. ... They seem to have made a very concerted effort to get in with the NRA.”
It should be noted that I visited Fox News yesterday and they are STILL claiming all of this a Democratic hoax designed to undermine the Trump presidency.

For the anti-Maddow troll that always seems to show up here,  I should warn you that yes Rachel moves her hands a lot, she uses big words that may prove confusing, and yes she is still a lesbian.

(H/T to Raw Story.)

John Kelly in hot water for suggesting that Donald Trump may have "evolved" on the issue of the border wall.

Don't say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid, don't say anything stupid.
Courtesy of the New York Times:  

President Trump directly contradicted his own chief of staff on Thursday and said his position on building a wall between the United States and Mexico had not “evolved.” 

Mr. Trump’s chief of staff, John F. Kelly, told some Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday that Mr. Trump had “evolved” on the issue of the wall, and that the president was not “fully informed” when he promised to build such a barrier last year. 

In an early-morning Twitter post, Mr. Trump took the unusual step of publicly pushing back against his own White House, signaling a disconnect between the president and his staff at a critical time of negotiations with Congress to avoid a government shutdown.
People have been wondering how long John Kelly was going to be able to hang in there before Trump got fed up with him and canned his ass.

This straw may not quite snap that camel's back, but it is certainly going to put a target on Kelly's back for the next time he publicly suggests that his boss may not understand what the fuck he is doing. 

Sources say that Donald Trump personally directed Steve Bannon not to answer questions from the House Intelligence Committee.

Courtesy of Foreign Policy: 

President Donald Trump personally made the decision to curtail the testimony of former chief White House political strategist Steve Bannon before the House Intelligence Committee, according to two people with firsthand knowledge of the matter. 

Trump acted to limit Bannon’s testimony based on legal advice provided by Uttam Dhillon, a deputy White House counsel, who concluded that the administration might have legitimate executive privilege claims to restrict testimony by Bannon and other current and former aides to the president, according to these same sources.

Bannon infuriated both Republicans and Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee by refusing to answer questions this week regarding his role in the presidential transition and later as a White House advisor. Repeatedly during Bannon’s executive session testimony, he and his attorney took numerous breaks to confer via phone with the White House counsel’s office as to what questions he should answer and which ones he would not.

This report seems to explain how chief of staff John Kelly was able to say that the White House did NOT advise Bannon not to answer questions, while Bannon claimed that he was getting direction from the White House.

Apparently Kelly was left out of the loop, and Trump was directly obstructing this investigation on his own.

By the way, everybody seems to agree that these tactics simply will not work when Bannon stands before Robert Mueller's grand jury.

House Republican to bring Bill Nye "The Science Guy" to Trump's State of the Union Address.

Courtesy of The Hill: 

Celebrated children's TV show host and outspoken environmentalist Bill Nye "The Science Guy" will attend this year's State of the Union address in Washington, D.C., as guest of GOP Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma. 

“Bill Nye has been inspiring countless young people to enter the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math since before we used STEM as an acronym. Our country needs these disciplines now more than ever," Bridenstine said in a statement. 

Nye has been an outspoken critic of the Trump administration, calling it the "anti-science movement."

It should also be noted that Bridenstine is Trump's pick to head NASA, though he ha not yet been confirmed. So doing this seems kind of like a big middle finger to Donald Trump.

I have already decided that I am going to boycott the speech personally, but I will be closely following it on Twitter, because the idea of Trump giving this speech in front of an audience with multiple sexual abuse survivors and Bill Nye in attendance just seems like it could make for some high comedy.